Exemption Certificate Management

Our team keeps your business in compliance.

Missing, invalid or expired exemption certificates are one of the leading causes of penalties and assessments during a tax audit. Yet, many companies don’t become aware of missing or invalid certificates until after the audit, which is already too late by then.

Exemption Certificate Management (ECM) Challenges

Historically, exemption certificates were a piece of paper handed to a business to show that a customer does not have to be charged sales tax. As things have progressed, systems became more hybrid, using both paper and electronic evidence.

Staying compliant with exemption certificates is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Focusing on “paperwork” takes tax teams attention away from more critical functions such as tax strategy planning, tax management and reporting. Moreover, exemption certificates are rarely a core business focus.

This is where Sarus steps in and provides end-to-end critical and cost-effective exemption certificate management services tailored to meet your needs.

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Exemption Certificate Management Services

Indirect tax services is our core focus, so we always stay on top of the latest and emerging technologies for indirect taxes. If you do not currently have a designated exemption certificate management software, we can work with you to define your requirements and implement the solution as part of our services.

Before jumping in to consolidate your documents, we’ll take the time to discuss how you want to manage your certificates and identify where technology provides cost savings and increased compliance. If you are unsure what technology is out there, we are here to help!

Our knowledgeable team will gather all your existing certificates and scan, index and validate. In addition, any digitized certificates in various locations on your system will be gathered and migrated so that all your certificates are in one database.

A sufficiency review will ensure your requirements and tax jurisdiction rules of acceptance have been met. Throughout the process, physical documents are stored in a secure facility, properly digitized and then destroyed or returned at your request.

When we kick off our exemption certificate management services for you, we perform a one-time refresh of all existing documents. During that process, we find missing and invalid certificates. We will identify, collect and refresh missing, expired and/or incorrect documents.

As part of our service, we will make sure all your certificates are organized in one database. 

As new certificates are requested, we will continue to provide exemption certificate management services that maintain compliance according to your corporate governance guidance.

As part of our ECM services, we will handle all aspects of the mailing process including printing and addressing letters, folding, collating, stuffing, postage and handling. We will mail all letters using volume bulk mail rates. If necessary, we will provide multiple mailings until we have all the necessary data to ensure certificates are compliant.

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