Excise Tax

Excise Tax Services for Avalara Excise (ATE) and Avalara Excise Returns (ARE)

Business technology and excise taxes mean governance

Excise tax services in indirect tax automation refer to the utilization of automated systems and technologies to streamline and manage the calculation of excise tax and compliance processes.

Excise taxes are typically imposed on specific goods or services, such as oil, gas, and chemical companies or luxury items, and are levied by the government to generate revenue and regulate consumption.

ATE covers the motor fuel excise tax vertical which calculates energy excise tax and sales tax for the largest oil, gas, and chemical companies to the smallest fuel distributors, energy traders, mobile refuelers, and more.

Along with the implementation of ATE tax engine for excise tax calculations, we also implement ARE for the compliance portion of the process.

ATE can be used for almost any excise tax imposed by any jurisdiction(s), such as: firearms, ammo, munitions, fireworks, tires, environmental fees, to name a few. 

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