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Transaction Tax Automation

Even the best Enterprise Resource planning system provides incomplete Transaction tax functionality at best. This creates a huge gap for the tax and finance team forcing them to depend on the end user to drive taxability decisions. Tax reporting is cumbersome as well, especially if it is a large business with multiple ERP instances across multiple businesses, locations and countries.

Transaction taxes are a major cost and compliance issue for companies of all sizes across all industries. It impacts cash flow and thus a company’s competitive position.

Failure to manage the flow of taxes throughout the business can lead to errors that can squeeze cash flow, lead to under or overpayments and increase risk of penalties for non-compliance.

Sarus helps specializes in transaction taxes automation. We work closely with your business; finance and IT team and seamlessly integrate your ERP with your choice of tax engine. Over the years, we have developed proven methodologies and best practices for transaction tax automation, which cuts the time and effort it takes your organization to successfully roll out a tax automation project.
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